Last Updated: November 30, 2023

Mr. Calzone strives to bring each customer the best possible combination of ingredients and service. The company is committed to quality, experience, and the complete satisfaction of each guest.

With years of experience, Mr. Calzone has created a menu that showcases classic flavors that any calzone connoisseur can appreciate, although everything is halal. Founder, Mohamad Jumaily ensures that everything meets his rigorous standards. In his restaurant, high-quality ingredients are at the heart of each calzone, delivering enormous flavor with every bite.

Hands-on management style ensures a top level of service, cleanliness, and a vibrant atmosphere. Mr. Calzone’s knowledge and experience of food safety rules and regulations ensure proper food handling techniques in a clean and safe environment.


Mr. Calzone relies on an efficient operating system that provides great food in an inviting, eccentric fast-casual restaurant setting. Each restaurant is operated by a highly trained staff and serves calzones, pizza, middle eastern cuisine, and more via dine-in, carryout, and delivery. The customers range from college age to young families, to the elderly, and anyone looking for a quality halal meal and an enjoyable experience.

  • Integrity and commitment – Mr. Calzone has an extreme focus on providing only the best ingredients, products, and experience to the customer.